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This beautiful home, a 5 bedroom/5 bath Victorian built in 1904, is nestled among the tree lined streets of Brooklyn’s historic Fiske Terrace in Midwood. Structurally, the gilded age-era home was in good shape, but the interior was dated and in need of a modern touch. Re: Design Architects resurfaced and painted every square inch of the house and installed new flooring in the interior. The small, closed kitchen was expanded and opened up to allow for a clear view of the living space. Sleek, modern cabinetry along with state of the art appliances were installed to create a warm and functional kitchen. The playful basement was designed around the original mid-century bar and includes a disco ball, 1980's Atari game station, projection screen, and bright, eye-catching colors. Other features of the home include a wine cellar, office, and attic playroom.

Brooklyn, NY

3,740 sq. ft. 

Completed 2021

Photo Credits: Interior by Sarki Studios

                         Exterior by VHT

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